Our XXL Games

- Timber / Splash

- Speedcups

- River Dragon

- Taluva


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Interested in getting your game enlarged ?Contact us by sending an email with the boardgamegeek link to the game to jurgen dot roman at gmail dot com

How do we work

As soon as we finished a project or gave aquired a new large game, we put the info under projects. Any body then can ask us to animate that large game at a certain location. If the request come's from a publisher, we make up an estimate of the costs to demo the project at the certain location and see if we have animators available for the requested period. If the publisher agree we can do bussiness.


New projects

New projects come to us in 2 way's.


A) We our selfs find a very neat and beautifull game that we want to demo / enlarge. We make it, try it out and if its ready we contact the publisher and show him the result of our labor through foto's at one of the faire's were working with. If the publisher want he can hire us to go to fairs outside our regular ones to promote his game against a small fee. Ideas for new projects are found under future projects.


B) We got a demand from a publisher. We first build some prototype components then calculate the price to create the game, then set a price for the publisher to demo the game's at our standard conventions. We stay owner of the game, but since the publisher help us develop the xl game, he gets a few faires / conventions for free where we animate the XL version of his game.


C) Designed Projects, are projects we have the knowhow and the designs for but we didn't take them to production. These projects can be produced at a quicker pase then the ones in future projects.


The Red Demo Team


- River Dragon

- Taluva

- Goblet Gobllers

- Dr Eureka

- Pengoloo




- Timber / Splash

- Speedcups



- Ticket To Ride Brussel

- Junk Art (no info available yet)


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